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      What material is TPE? What are the advantages of TPE?
      2018-09-11 14:57:35

      TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a kind of thermoplastic elastomer material with high strength, high resilience, injection processing characteristics, a wide range of applications, environmental protection, non-toxic and safe, with excellent coloring.

      Soft touch, weatherability, fatigue resistance and heat resistance, superior processing performance, no need for vulcanization, can be recycled to reduce costs, both can be re-injection molding, with PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other matrix materials coated adhesion, can also be formed separately


      1. it can be machined by a general thermoplastic molding machine without special processing equipment.

      2. production efficiency has been greatly improved. It can be directly vulcanized by rubber injection molding machine, and the time is shortened from 20 minutes to less than 1 minute. Because the vulcanization time is very short, it can be directly vulcanized by extruder, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

      3., it is easy to recycle and reduce costs. Wastes produced in the production process (runaway edges, extruded waste glue) and eventual waste products can be directly recycled; used TPE waste products can be simply recycled, reducing environmental pollution, and expanding the source of renewable resources.

      4. energy saving. Most of the thermoplastic elastomers do not need vulcanization or vulcanization for a short time, which can effectively save energy. Take the production of high pressure hose as an example: rubber is 188MJ/kg and TPE is 144MJ/kg, which can save more than 25% energy.

      5., the application area is wider. Because TPE has both advantages of rubber and plastics, it has opened up a new application field for rubber industry.

      6., it can be used for strengthening and toughening modification of plastics. The self-reinforcing property is large, the formula is simplified, the influence of the compound on the polymer is small, and the quality and performance are easy to grasp. However, the heat resistance of TPE is not as good as that of rubber, and the physical properties of TPE decrease greatly with the increase of temperature, so the scope of application is limited. At the same time, compression deformation, elastic recovery, durability and other rubber is worse than the price is often higher than similar rubber. Nevertheless, the advantages of TPE are still outstanding, and all kinds of new TPE products have been developed. As an energy-saving and environment-friendly new rubber material, the development prospect is very promising.

      Transparent series (transparency Series)

      Scope of application: ordinary transparent toys, sports equipment, etc.

      Product performance: better transparency, elasticity and lower price. It has broad design space.

      Transparency series applications: high-grade, high-transparent toys, adult supplies, sucker materials, sports equipment and sealing rings.

      Product performance: a wide range of hardness, from ultra soft to 90A. Excellent transparency, glossiness, and comfortable handle. It is widely used in adult products. It has good UV resistance, weatherability and high temperature resistance, and is used for outdoor use for a long time.

      Thermoplastic elastomers have both the processing properties of thermoplastic and the physical properties of vulcanized rubber, which can be said to be the combination of advantages of plastics and rubber. Thermoplastic elastomers are occupying the territories that were originally vulcanized rubber.

      TPE (Tetraphenylene) is a classical AIE (Aggregation Induced Emission Aggregation Induced Emission) molecule, that is, there is no fluorescence in solution, but there is strong fluorescence in solids, contrary to the traditional agglomeration quenching molecule, so it has important applications in organic optoelectronic materials and more and more people are attracted to it. 

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