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      What is the difference between TPE and PVC? Why did TPE start to replace PVC?
      2018-09-11 14:54:40

      TPE - Thermoplastic elastomer is a new material with high elasticity, high strength and high resilience of rubber. TPE is a kind of environmentally friendly and non-toxic material with soft touch, good weather resistance, and no plasticizer. It is widely used in daily necessities in contact with human body at the price of 25-50,000/ton.

      PVC- PVC is a poisonous chlorine containing resin. Plasticizer is added in the processing, the more plasticizer content, the softer the material, widely used in building materials, artificial leather, the price is between 0.8-12,000 yuan / ton. Polyvinyl chloride plastic products at higher temperatures, such as about 50 degrees Celsius will slowly decompose hydrogen chloride gas, which is harmful to human health.

      Compared with PVC, TPE is more resistant to high temperature and low temperature, and has better elasticity. In recent years, environmental protection has become more and more popular, so TPE has begun to replace PVC in many fields.

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